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A franchise is a major step for an NFL team in an expansion draft.

The NFL has the ability to expand a franchise with the No. 1 pick, the No (or two) first-round picks and up to five additional players from the regular season roster.

But for an expansion team to get into the expansion draft, the team would need to earn at least a first-rounder, a fourth-rounder and a sixth-rounder in the expansion year.

That means the league will have to do some searching to find the right team to fill the vacancy in the top two spots.

This week, the league’s draft director, Mark Dominik, will hold an event to discuss the expansion process, and the league hopes to have a draft report in the next week.

Dominik told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that he is optimistic that teams will take the expansion route, and he thinks the league can get a team into the draft.

“The question for me is whether there are any teams out there who are willing to invest and invest and potentially invest a little bit more in the franchise, and I think that will come through,” Dominik said.

The NFL’s first round picks will be used for the expansion team’s 2017 season, and a second-round pick is in the range of the franchise’s 2019 first- or second-rounder.

So for the NFL to go after an expansion franchise, it would have to be able to find a team that has the right personnel to fill out a roster.

Dominik believes there are teams who are in the market for a franchise to get in and do some expansion work, and said the league could be interested in a team from one of those teams.

A franchise’s top two draft picks are used to draft its players.

The No. 2 pick is used to select the first overall pick, and then No. 3 picks are sent to select other first- and second- round picks, and No. 4 picks are selected for the No

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