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For most of us, applying for a PPP loan or a student loan is not easy.

Student loan payments will not be easy, and they won’t be immediate.

Here are some tips to help you pay off student loan debt as quickly as possible.


Find the right loan amount.

Some student loan programs offer a lower interest rate than most lenders.

But you can get an immediate payoff if you make the right payments and get a good deal on your loan.

Find out how to pay your student loans with the NerdWallet Student Loan Calculator.

Find more NerdWallet tips » 2.

Don’t be shy about how much you’re making.

Make sure you understand how much money you’ll actually make.

Student loan programs like 529 college savings plans and 529 student loans allow you to set up your own repayment plan.

If you make less than the required payments, you’ll likely have to pay back some of the money you borrowed.


Save as much as you can.

It’s easy to get caught up in debt.

Make your student debt payments as small as you need to save for retirement or if you’re working part-time.


Make an early repayment.

If the loan you’re borrowing is a Federal Direct Loan or PLUS loan, the payments you’re due are usually much less than those you’d normally be paying.

However, some loan programs do allow for early repayment, so you’ll have a better chance of getting the full amount back.


Understand your loan options.

If your loan is subsidized by a private lender, you may be eligible for government loans.

If it’s a PLUS loan that you can apply for with your employer, you should apply to it as well.

To learn more, talk to your loan officer or loan advisor.


Make the best possible decision.

Many students can’t afford to pay their loans off at the current rate and may need to make an early payment to pay down their debt.

The best way to avoid making a bad loan decision is to take advantage of a credit card or auto loan that offers a lower monthly payment than a loan from your college or university.


Find a credit counseling center.

Student loans can be a big hassle for people who don’t want to put money into an account.

Some credit counseling centers offer free, no-interest loans and other help.


Be cautious with credit cards.

Credit cards can be risky.

Be wary of any credit card you take out in the future.

Many credit cards offer high interest rates, which can add up quickly.


Keep your monthly payment low.

Many people are afraid to pay interest on a credit account.

Pay your bills off as quickly and as often as possible to keep your monthly payments down.

If, on the other hand, you have a balance due, consider paying off it as quickly, as your debt can compound and balloon over time.


Be sure to take out a student loan forgiveness plan.

This loan forgiveness program allows you to refinance a loan at a lower rate.

It might also allow you more time to save up for a down payment and down payment down payment.

To get started, talk with your loan office.

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